Fight Ranch Predicts: UFC London

UFC London

First off Paddy Pimblett is only on his second bout and has become a star, this guy with the Ketwig is rocketing to the top of popularity charts ah la Suger Sean Omalley style. UFC London is his coming-out party if he can pull off another win. Here is the weekly dose of Dana Betting […]

Uncle Dana Hands Out A Treat For Halloween

UFC 267 Moved to ESPN+ Normally numbered cards are always PPV but Dana White gave everyone a treat to watch as they get ready for the crotch goblins the following night. The main card is loaded with title contenders, an interim title bout, and a light heavyweight championship fight. Still facing covid restrictions from different […]

UFC 267 In Abu Dhabi, Here Goes Some Mayo Selections

UFC 267

We back and ready to put octagon dollars in ya pockets on UFC 267. No earthly idea when this shit will start being it is in Abu Dhabi, but that is nothing a quick internet search can’t fix. Time: prelims start at 10am (I now know) Over three years of sitting in front my computer […]

Octagon Bets: UFC 265

Derrick Lewis makes Jon Jones really scared.

LEWIS Vs GANE UFC 265 Derrick Lewis KO’s Cyril Gane tonight, that’s just how it goes. Lewis negates any wrestling attempts by just standing up that shit doesn’t work on him. He’s proven that. Besides Gane is a striker first. So I don’t know why people expect Gane to just put on a grappling clinic […]

Octagon Bets: UFC 264

Eight Bets you can hang your hat on with this edition of Octagon Bets Going to start a new series here with nothing but MMA bets, mostly UFC but may venture to Bellator, ONE, and PFL, who knows. Today let’s focus on UFC 264. Mcgregor Vs Poirier: This fight ends via finish, I’ve thought about […]

The Conor McGregor Pull Out Game Is Strong AF Right Now

Conor McGregor Pull Out Game Real Strong

Didn’t think we’d see Conor McGregor pull out from two things in one day, but here we are on Monday evening. Conor has not only pulled out of his upcoming trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier, but was called out prior for not living up to his word to sign over a $500,000 check for Poirier’s […]

Someone Take Conor McGregor’s Phone, He Will Not Stop Posting

Someone Take McGregor's Phone

Who gonna do us all a service by taking McGregor’s phone and chunking it into the nearest body of water. Conor has not stopped tweeting the last few days about himself. For as much money as McGregor is worth, this content fucking blows. Especially, when ya consider the whole 3-3 in the UFC thing since […]

Who Becomes The Baddest MF On The Planet Miocic Vs Ngannou

Miocic Vs Ngannou Look they’ve made a BMF title belt and all the crap, But everyone really knows the Heavyweight Champ holds that title. P4P in my eyes is second place. Some people were blessed with abnormal genetics and that will be on display in Miocic Vs Ngannou. Now Francis Ngannou looks the part but […]

Jon Jones Scared? Enough To Block Mayo Over Derrick Lewis Tweets

Derrick Lewis makes Jon Jones really scared.

Evidence showing Jon Jones being dead ass scared of Derrick Lewis has been placed on the plate for anyone who cares. Like Boosie said in 2006, “I think they scared, man I think they scared” “lying on ya records, bitch ya got me heated” “wanna be actors, better stay in the movies” Jon Jones Scared? […]

Khabib Told Dana White He’s Done, Retiring With 29-0 Record

Dana White Posts Pic With Khabib After Retirement Finalized.

The news seemed as official as it gets this morning that Khabib told Dana the retirement is a lock. Doesn’t really make much sense to the common man, but honestly I’m ready for this shit to end anyways. It holds up the division and certainly we can agree that he dominated the entire fucking roster. […]