Unforgettable Women In Adam Sandler Movies

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Adam Sandler Smoke Shows.

Adam Sandler movies are becoming more and more nostalgic as time goes on. He has nothing left to prove, nailed it his entire career with acting and producing incredible films. Yeah, that shouldn’t be speculated. If we ever need a tremendous nostalgic vibe just throw on an Adam Sandler flick like Big Daddy, Deeds, or Billy Madison. There is just a vibe in watching those films that makes the body feel good, especially for them 90’s babies. Alright, we good on that.

Pete Sampras out here crushing dudes dreams…

Let Us Not Forget…

Adam Sandler may not be getting enough credit for the amount of unforgettable women he has had in his movies. Too many times he blown our mind with this shit. I feel like this morning we had to give the utmost thanks. Veronica Vaughn? Oh my heavens, I’m not worthy.

Babes From Adam Sandler Movies

Veronica Vaughn – Billy Madison

That Veronica Vaughn is one hot piece of ACE! Oh, good gawd almighty is she ever! Bridgette Wilson played the most unforgettable role as Adam Sandler’s elementary school teacher in Billy Madison. Wilson straight savaged this role and took control over Billy for the better. It also can’t be downplayed that the blonde bombshell played Sonya in Mortal Kombat as well. This woman’s acting career should’ve taken off in the biggest way. In my oh so honest opinion, she is the hottest fucking women to ever show face in an Adam Sandler movie. Remember this fucking scene?

Spanish Armada!? 1466, 67, 1469, 1514, 1981, 1986, please do not do that!

Virginia Venit – Happy Gilmore

Another 90’s “wish that was my wife” selection here. Women just don’t capture ya heart like Veronica Vaughn and Virginia Venit on screen anymore. Venit was played by Julie Bowen, no clue where she is at today. Pretty sure she got caught up in that Boston Legal loop, good for Julie. All I know is she stole my heart when she had them roller blades on with tube socks and a traditional pink sweater. What? Friends listen to Endless Love in the dark!

You use to play ice hockey? Shut up…

Wild Card Winona

Babe Bennett – Mr. Deeds

Look, do not fucking @ me on the Winona Ryder shit please. She played “Babe Bennett” in the knee slapping comedy “Mr. Deeds” and she was a total fucking babe. This was my Winona Ryder coming out party due to the fact that I wasn’t as familiar with her previous successful flicks like “The Crucible” and “Girl, Interrupted”. It was the right time, and the right place. Winona just looked fucking hot in 2002 during the Deeds days. So hot she put Deeds together. What does Winona look like today? A joe smokin babe.

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Katherine – Just Go With It

Not much to say here, Jennifer Aniston is still the fucking G.O.A.T. and that is for all on screen movies, tv shows, and whatever else is on the table. Morale of this film, Adam Sandler almost marries a woman, but realizes he wants to marry Jennifer Aniston instead. That would happen 100/100 times in reality. Brooklyn Decker wasn’t no fucking scrub either…


Brandy – Joe Dirt

Ah yep, see Adam Sandler didn’t actually play a role on screen in this film. But, Happy Madison produced it which was enough to give credit for the raging hot smoke show in Brandy from Joe Dirt. Someone call the fire department because this woman gave Veronica Vaughn a run for her dollar in 2001. Brandy quite possibly and most likely was the hottest person to ever come out of Gainesville, and that is a fucking bold statement. You think I’m out of line? Then try not to pass out when Brandy pulls up on this horse.

Good lawd. Not done either, she has a twin sister as well. She also flamed it up in the memorable Wayne’s Brothers comedy White Chicks. Brittany Daniel is the woman behind the wonder. You can follow my girl on instagram right here. Peep this “Crazy in Love” dance off scene. If you know, you know.

Layla Maloney – Big Daddy

The girls voice will make you melt into the ground. Just adorable from the very first minute, couldn’t leave her out. I could’ve seen this woman is my own mother at the time. Joey Lauren Adams is an essential, underrated woman when it comes to the great ones from Adam Sandler movies.

The Ones Who Lost Their Way

It wouldn’t be right not to remember the ones who didn’t prevail through the years after being on screen with Adam Sandler. Brace yourself, this could get rough. For the record, I will always be a Drew Barrymore fan.

Vicki Vallencourt – The Waterboy

This ain’t good news guys, but then again Vallencourt didn’t quite do it for me. Kathy Bates knew it all along, and honestly I’d probably lay in bed with Kathy before miss Vallencourt today. Something was always fishy about this one. The name is Fairuza Balk, by the way. Not shocked to see her playing with frogs in 2020.

Valerie Veran – Little Nicky

This one fucking hurts. Valerie was fucking CUTE with the little glasses and defensiveness of Nicky. This was another good snag by Sandler. However, age don’t care how good you looked in a 2001 film. She is now a raging protestor for women’s rights, and whatever else the guy on the left dislikes. Meet Patricia Arquette, related to David Arquette surely.

Thank you Patricia, this is a good follow up from Valerie.

Drew Barrymore – A lot of Sandler Movies

Look, I will always have respect and love for Drew Barrymore. Nothing she did has gone forgotten. However, 2020 Drew Barrymore is most likely not the cup of tea you looking to drink for 2 1/2 hours. She surely isn’t “50 First Dates” Drew anymore, or even The Wedding Singer. Charlie’s Angels? Forget about it. Fever Pitch? Not a fucking shot. We will miss her forever, I still love the woman.

Thanks For Reading

By no means am I trying to disrespect any of these women. Just shining a light on three things in specific.

  • Adam Sandler produced films with memorable women roles involved.
  • Age defeats even the most memorable people.
  • I knew Vikki Vallencourt would be doing some weird shit.


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