Urban Meyer Had A Weekend To Remember, Boys Night Out

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The Jags played on Thursday night, but Urban Meyer kept playing into the weekend on a night out with the boys. Urban was also one of the horniest dudes in Ohio this past weekend. The horniest player in the game some would say. My boy hopped on a plane to Columbus, Ohio right after that Thursday night loss and got fucking mollywhopped.

Urban Meyer Night Out

Is he married? Sure. But, this is also pretty human of him and Urban of him to just go with the flow on the dance floor.

Seems like an experience that he had never been blessed with before judging by his cringeworthy body language.

Have a fucking night. 0-4 on the field, but 1-0 at the steakhouse in Ohio. Let a few folks down, so what? Tim Tebow will always forgive.

He had a chance to keep Tim around and that would’ve saved him from such tragic decision making. Tebow would’ve explained the dangers of drinking ya face off and told him to stick it out at home.

Apology Issued

Urban Meyer promptly released a statement his morning in front of the Jacksonville media explaining that he should’ve in fact went home.

But, nobody really gives a fuck. He is the coach for Jacksonville, not the Cowboys or the Steelers. This whole operation was already doubted and a fantastic source of entertainment before the dick to ass in the bar.

Anyways, Urban apologizes for being a distraction.

Don’t just sit around getting drunk. Go work for Swansons and make something outta ya self. Call 504-367-2339 if ya wanna make cash every day and work ya ass of while doing so.


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