Vin Diesel Song Dropped For Some Saturday Morning Vibes

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Vin Diesel releases new song in 2020

Vin Diesel, of all people, has just dropped a fucking BANGER of a song! You read that right. The first Vin Diesel song has been released. And I’m gonna go ahead and say right now…this shit is hot! I’m here for it. Twitter has been blowing up over this new sensation!

I approve.

Vin Diesel’s New Song Slaps

There’s no two ways about this. The song is called “Feel Like I Do”. We catch the soft side of Vin in his debut single. Who would’ve thought this guy would have it in him? I’m probably going to hop in my truck, crank the volume to 60 and break some fucking speed limit laws while bumping this shit today.

On the flip side it’s also a song that screams “pool congregations” and “swim up bars and spiked seltzers”. This song has appeal to the masses, in my opinion.

Vin Diesel’s Legacy Evolves

First thing that comes to mind when you think Vin Diesel? Shit…for me and my generation…It’s no contest…

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“It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning!”

And even if this song doesn’t hit the way I think, we’re all still fucking talking about the man! Doesn’t matter if we talking about his movies or his songs. Winning is still winning, mother fucker! Living his life a quarter mile at a time dropping movies and now songs at will!

What will Vin do next? Well…this is just a single. I can’t fucking wait to see what else he comes up with next! Now listen, I’m not saying the Vin Diesel is the new Mac Miller or anything. He’s absolutely on to something though. And I’m here for it!


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