Fantasy Football Week 11: Waiver-Wire Must Adds

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Weather is complete shit today. So, I figured I’d get an early jump on the waiver-wire must adds for Week 11. Hopefully the last waiver-wire article led you to a win.

We’ve got three weeks left of the fantasy football regular season. Unless you’re in some weird league that does the championship game during Week 17 of the NFL season. Either way, I just hope those of you who have read my articles from the beginning are at least in playoff contention. Just whatever you do, don’t be that asshole who dumps good players because you’re eliminated.

Just don’t do that! That’s just as bad as not paying your fantasy dues! Your team could be 1-8, like the guy I’m playing this coming week. It doesn’t matter, because if he beats me it could affect who gets the first-round bye. Play to ruin someone’s season. If you can’t make the playoffs, make sure the team your playing can’t either. Beat their ass!

We go 36 weekends a year with no fantasy football… It’s miserable. Well, for us, not for your significant other. Because if yours is like mine, Hallmark beats fantasy every week of the year. What I’m saying is you have 13 weeks of regular season fantasy football to get in as many bragging rights as you can. So, don’t just give up and let that asshole get into the playoffs free of charge.

If this is your first time reading one of my articles and you’re missing the playoffs, now you know why. And, now you know for next year. Not to mention you can always #AskElvin on Twitter @elvinryan_HTM.

By now you’re wishing I’d just get on with who you should add. Don’t worry it’s coming.

But first let me tell you which the teams will be fucking us this week— The Panther Pounding Packers, The Little Giants, The Superb Seahawks, and The Tarnished Titans will all be on a bye.

Here you go! The following should already be on a roster. So, add them immediately if for some reason they aren’t. Let’s start with tight ends, between injuries to Hooper, Kittle, and Engram this week. Graham and Smith going on their bye. It’s safe to say majority of your league will be looking to stash a tight end.  I’ll start off with the three best options.

Vance McDonald, Steelers, TE— Rudolph targets him a hefty amount. Seven times last game.

Kyle Rudolph, Vikings, TE— Five straight games with at least three catches and one OBJ impersonation.

O.J. Howard, Bucs, TE— Just in case that was his breakout game everyone should add him.

DeVante Parker, Dolphins, WR— Not a fluke. He’s been fantasy relevant for six straight games now.

Ryan Tannehill, Titans, QB— He’s putting up like 20 points a game and some great QBs are on a bye.

Now these may need a little bit more convincing, but still MUST ADDS…

Nick Boyle, Ravens, TE— The last two games have been the best two games of his career. He’s always been known as a bully in the run game. With teams stacking the box and blitzing to stop Lamar, he’s been open more than ever. He’s already having the best season of his career. His quarterback will pass to anyone open and he’s playing the piss poor Texans’ secondary this coming Sunday.

Mike Gesicki, Dolphins, TE— Since Preston Williams went out, he’s been targeted A LOT. Only less than Parker who was mentioned above. Targets will continue to be there. FitzMagic loves him and it’s clear. The only question is, what will Gesiki do with all those targets?

Darius Slayton, Giants, WR— He’s heading for a bye week, so don’t use a high priority unless you are just decimated at the wide receiver position. But with Shepard likely missing more time and the performance Slayton had Sunday, he’s worth the add. I’d also like to mention I had him on this list weeks ago.

Sam Darnold, QB, Jets— This add is strictly just for those who need a week to week streamer. He has the easiest ROS schedule of all quarterbacks. Not to mention, this weekend he gets the Redskins.

James Washington, Steelers, WR— He played college ball with Rudolph, so there is a natural connection between the two. And, over the last two weeks he’s been balling out. Best part, they don’t play a good secondary for weeks.

Brian Hill, Falcons, RB— Last but not least, he’s probably the worthiest of an add. Freeman and Smith both being out this coming week, leaves him as the last back standing. As a result, the volume alone makes him a fantasy starter.

Hope you enjoyed the read! Don’t forget to share and retweet. Good luck this week!

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