Watch Lamar Odom Knock Aaron Carter All Over New Jersey

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Watch Lamar Odom Knockout Aaron Carter

Lamar Odom showed up in New Jersey last night looking to knock around the same fella who sang “I want candy” 20 years ago. Why did this happen? Welp, don’t have the answer for that more than logical question. However, I do have the results from last night. Seems as if Aaron Carter’s party ended early last night. But, started…


Yooo, this shit is fucking absurd. Aaron out here looking like he’s ready to fight Mark Wahlberg for a second.

Then, boom….party over.


Lamar looking like he had his left cooking last night as it sent the 33 year old Carter to hell several times before Aaron finally had to call it a night in the second round.

What in the brothel overdose just happened here? Nobody knows, but I’ve enjoyed recapping one of the worst fucking money grabs in history.

If ya paying $30 to watch a 41 year old Lamar Odom fight an any age Aaron Carter you should seek professional help.

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