We Are Not Worthy Of Darren Till On Twitter

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Darren Till On Twitter

Darren Till on Twitter is a full blown movement. Till is here to let everyone know EXACTLY what Dana White should do with all these unhappy fella’s in the UFC. By the way, it’s Dana Till to you unhappy fucks. Handing out pink slips and wise tips.

Who got a complaint to make?

Dana Till On Twitter

Yep, doors open and the greeter is Dana Till. He is also the same one you can see if you’d like to get the fuck. Pack a bag, print a map quest on Bellator, and live ya life. Dana Till, Doctor Till, this man has answers.

Boom, healed in the name of Dana Till.
HAHA, lets fucking go!

Till vs. Whittaker Official

Till a happy man for fighting a hungry Robert.

With all these tremendous vibes Darren Till has put out today, it should not go forgotten that he actually plans on throwing hands soon. Robert Whittaker and Till have agreed to fight on July 25th. UFC just pushing out fights like $20 eighth’s of marijuana. Speaking of which, Dana Till?

This was Darren’s last appearance on Twitter a week or so ago. He hasn’t lost a step.

But, seriously Whittaker is coming off a long hiatus after going through some serious grown man adversity. “Completely burnt out” Whittaker said earlier this year about his break from the UFC. Before taking a break, he went 50 full minutes with Yoel Romero and won BOTH times via decision. But, don’t ask me what that means. I watched Yoel Romero throw maybe 17 punches in his last fight. Exaggerating? Yes. Fun to watch? Hardly. I’ll take Dana Till in this one. HOLD IT.

Yoel, the most overrated show in town.

Follow Darren Till on Twitter if you have a decent vibe in ya body.

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