What Drew Brees Really Said To Jameis Winston

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Drew Brees really told Jameis Winston this...

Tons of folks all over are trying to pin-point what exactly Drew Brees said to Jameis Winston during an exchange at the end of Sunday’s playoff loss to the Bucs.

such perfect timing by FOX, WWE like…
Drew Brees – Jameis Winston
“it’s your team now”

What Really Was Said…

One thing I certainly know not to believe and that is what ESPN or some other asshole swears he said. No fucking way and that is exactly why I’ve come up with these scenarios on what was actually said to Jameis during such a depressing conclusion to a football game.

what really could have been said…

Drew Brees
Appreciation Night

Immediately after the who dat nation loss on the lord’s day, mayo took to SpreadQuarters with open ears and a very open heart for Drew Brees and his legacy. (which just may not be over)

HTM Undressed 174
“Drew Brees Appreciation Night”

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