When The Saints Go Marching Outta Town

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Saints Playing In Tiger Stadium

The Saints are marching out of town. Right on out. At least, they’re trying their damnedest. “But the Saints would never leave the GCITW!!!” Yeah, we all hope you’re right. We’re pretty sure you’re right. Like 94.7% sure. But still, this season has been tougher than any other season in this little memory of mine. And yes, that even includes the Playoff Mora seasons too.

Diddly poo Jim, diddly poo

Of course no one’s thinking the Saints are leaving New Orleans, but they may be thinking of leaving the Superdome for this season. With Letoya “Tha Destroya” Cantrell still not allowing any fans into the dome while other teams are starting to let at least a paltry 12k-15k at this point, the Saints are starting to miss that little chunk of change from the ticket revenue. But we’re not talking something as crazy as playing in Texas and New York and all over the place like the Katrina season. (I know they played in BR that season, hush). Nah, they’re aiming to do something that would be absolutely…TRADITIONAL?!

When Schefty says it, you know it’s heating up

Tiger Stadium Baby

You thought the Saints were going to chance that money from ticket sales slipping through to another state? You’re out of your mind. They’re just taking a quick scoot down I-10 to go look into hosting the remainder of their games at TIGER STADIUM. Or at least a few games until Cantrell can figure out that maybe, JUST MAYBE, allowing people to go into Saints games won’t kill us all.

Saints officials are meeting with LSU officials today to discuss it and go over the finer details, but from the way they’re talking about it, LSU is pretty on board with this idea. I mean, name one reason they wouldn’t be. They’ve already been given the go ahead by the NCAA to have fans in the stands there, so that’d be a no brainer. I’m sure how much LSU sees their fans wanting to pay to actually attend a Saints game doesn’t hurt either. I’m sure they’re just wiping their tears with the stacks of cash they’ll make from this agreement anyway.

Let a man hope, damn it

Now it’s early to start saying all of this is going to happen for sure, but if it does, I AM HERE FOR IT. You mean to say I can go to Tiger Stadium on a Saturday and drown my sorrows in some Chafunkta Kingfish Cream Ale while screaming for Bo Pelini’s head after his Defense allowed 600+ yards again, go pass out in the median, get absolutely robbed of all my shit, and stumble right back to the stadium in the morning to watch the Black & Gold Bros go stomp a mudhole in that Falcons ass? Sign me up. It sounds like a win/win to me.

Get It Done

Us Saints fans have been waiting to damn long to get in the Dome and watch the Saints tear up some NFC South ass. And by gawd, if we can’t watch it in the Dome, we’ll sure as hell go watch it in Tiger Stadium. Hell, if we’re lucky, maybe Burrow can be there in spirit on the field to add 5 more yards to Drew’s arm so maybe some of y’all finally stop bitching about Drew “Noodle Cannon” Brees. So if they have to, I say let the Saints go marching out of town. Let them go marching all the way down the bayou till they’re in Tiger country, and we’ll all be there waiting for them there.

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