Where Is Billy Blanks? Only The Real Remember

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Where is Billy Blanks? The God of Tae Bo.

Where is Billy Blanks? Can’t quite pin point it, but the high paced fitness legend left a mark on my life. This once in a lifetime MACHINE had some sauce that was fucking slappin in the 90’s. Billy was also 20 times fucking tighter than Richard Simmons. Sorry Richard, but I just rather Billy and it pains me to say that being ya from New Orleans. Only the real remember this grinder. Play the tape and grab a water.

Literally, I dare you to attempt this 8 minute sweat fest…

The God of Tae Bo

Billy Blanks ladies and gentleman. Burning cals darlin, burning them cals like heaters. What a craft? Boxing mixed with taekwondo, grab some believers and run the fucking camera. Next thing you know Billy is teaching big names like Paula Abdul Tae Bo in Los Angeles. Dude, BB sold millions of VHS tapes on this potion, millions. Sweating his balls off for a living, and getting people to believe in it. That formula made $$$.

Nah, but I commend the piss outta you for finding this on Twitter.

Where Is Billy Blanks Now?

Psh, don’t get it twisted tiger. The Earth isn’t rotating properly if Billy isn’t getting into some fitness shit. Honestly, he is such a good ass dude. At 64 years old, Blanks is still raising them legs and throwing them hands. Check out the man himself appearing on little episodes of Dr. Mehmet Oz. Seems like this Oz fella is really into whatever Billy has to offer in 2020.

He ain’t done yet. Whoever want to believe, still can…


Bet ya bottom fucking dollar I got the scoop on BB during quarantine season. He is taking advantage of it in full fashion at home in his living room doing a variety of savage ass techniques. Check out billy showing you the “basic punches” of boxing. Take some fucking notes if you concerned about ya game. The time to get better is now. This video was TODAY! Opportunity knocking, who’s there?

Pull it right back…

Can’t even imagine the knowledge this cat has on making my piece of shit body great again. However, the one knock on the Tae Bo God that I have is that he claps an awful fucking lot. Could potentially clap my ass out the room. Other than that, this is fresh material for everyone to absorb.

Billy > Richard

In closing, Richard Simmons hasn’t made an appearance in nearly a decade. Blanks is out here sweating buckets in the living room on YouTube. People are believing again, and this could be the comeback the world needed.

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