Which HTM Member Contracts Covid-19 First?

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Guess Who?

Covid-19 At The Spread-Quarters?

The CDC seems to think it is inevitable we all get Covid-19. With the cancellation of sports for the foreseeable future. I wanna take the time to guess what Mayo Member gets it first. I will also give out the Odds of contraction to each member.

Not At Risk

7) Young Grant – The Nola Sports Hub brainchild is out of class for the time being. So he’s probably just gaming and following the NFL trade moves in his room. At the moment it seems his chances are low. Here is a link to his Instagram to get all your Who Dat and Pelicans news. ODDS – 15/1

Seriously check this dudes social media, not a care in the world outside of sports.

6) Julian Doran – Don’t worry Savage’s cough isn’t from the Coronavirus, he just took a rip. This dude isn’t going to catch anything unless someone goes over and messes with his Xbox or Computer. side note Savage is going to start blogging soon, so keep an eye peeled for that. Julian does have a job so this will increase his odds a little bit. ODDS – 8/1

It’s a Possibility

5) Elvin Ryan – The Smoothie King magnate is already a neat freak. The chances of contraction are slim but not impossible. The worst-case scenario for Elvin is to come into contact with a customer that’s already caught it. I’m sure this germaphobe is working out of the office and has a liaison with the outside world by now. The one hitch in this giddy up is if Elvin spirals because of the lack of sports. Solid underdog play. ODDS – 7/2

Elvin just maybe an underdog here.

4) Nick Bradley – Nick’s nickname is “High Risk” if that doesn’t scream “I don’t worry about germs” then I don’t know what does. Nick seems like the guy that ran around the playground that licked up the dirt and said: “God made dirt so dirt doesn’t hurt.” Not knocking the guy he’s probably got a top-notch immune system, but he’s gonna catch the Covid-19. ODDS – 4/5

Walking Petri Dish

3) Cody Clemons & Katie Clemons – Katie works in a hospital, and I run our tractor dealership. Both of us are dealing with the public on a daily basis the odds are not in our favor. Between the dealership, the hospital, our toddler, and Katie not being able to keep her grubby little fingers off things at Target the risk is high. But on the positive note, I have an entire case of Proper Twelve. And no you can’t have any. ODDS – 3/2

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Proper Christmas gift. @properwhiskey

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Don’t worry about me though

2) Devin Snow – The Mayo Man himself is almost a lock to catch the virus. We know from all the raw dogging he did during Mardi Gras, Devin isn’t the type of guy to wear gloves. On top of that, he’s out and about delivering Mayo Shirts. He’s has placed heavy faith in the Flintstones Gummy Vitamins he takes daily. ODDS – 1/1

1) Logan Thompson – Also known as Big Easy Bets. The reason Logan gets the top ranking is he just returned from Kansas City where he attended one of the largest Automotive conventions in the country. Risking move by the in house gambling pro. Honestly would have pegged Nick to pull a risky maneuver like that. So for that, he’s the favorite with ODDS – 1/5

At least he isn’t participating in this challenge…….YET.

A Question For The Holders

Who do you see getting Corona Virus (Covid-19) first? Let us where your money is going.

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