Who In The Hell Is This Zion?

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The other Zion that isn't Zion Williamson

Who in the blue hell is Zion Kuwonu? Upon the news of Zion Williamson returning to complete a full practice with the Pelicans this morning, we wanted to unveil some bizarre search bar news. Zion Williamson is no longer the only relevant Zion in search results. There is some 20 year old, Jaxson Hayes, looking kid in the mix. With further research we were able to decipher that the dude is a singer/dancer. Within seconds Simon Cowell’s name popped up. After that, I knew we had issues. Supposedly, this guy has been notable since 2016.

Do We Have Room?

Maybe some are sitting here wondering how this kid missed the HTM radar? Look, we’ve ran across several Zion’s, just none that popped up on twitter searches when trying to keep up with the Zion Williamson return. This was one of the more significant cock blocks we’ve ever seen. Kuwonu stands at 6’2, the young man could probably put a fellow dance member on a poster at any given time. Dancing Zion was born in 1999, dunking Zion was born in 2000 about a year apart. Very amazing to look at that age comparison. Yes, Williamson is truly a baby phenom in this league.

Nice Approach Kuwonu

With the former Duke legend recovering the last few months, Kuwonu has found an open opportunity to absorb all the Zion spotlight on social media. Do yourself a favor for clarity, type in “Zion” in the twitter search box. You will sit there in a daze wondering how this could possibly be reality.

Don’t Think For A Second…

Please lawd, do not think for a second that we are implying Kuwonu is remotely on the same cruise ship as Zion Williamson. He’s merely 300,000 followers behind the Thanos of Basketball on Twitter. Take that stat how you would like to take it. Most have never heard of Kuwonu till recently. Just not my cup of tea when it comes to staying up to date on things. Surely, it is understandable to say that most have stopped keeping up with Simon Cowell going into 2020. He found the kid, helped him become a pop superstar, and told nobody in New Orleans about it. Thanks Simon.

Will The Real Zion Please Stand Up?

The real Zion is standing firm in New Orleans. Perfect timing, people have already wrote him off as a superstar. That will be a decision that all will regret. The birds are riding a kush six game winning streak right now. The longest winning streak in the Western Conference. Four of those wins coming on the road, and three consecutive wins on the road to start the streak. Zion had a ton of nips hard in preseason, which wasn’t even four months ago. Now would be a good time to start remembering what is on its way to the hardwood. That would be complete, utter, savagery by the real Zion Williamson. As for Kuwonu, who really gives a rat’s ass? Here is a look at the real Zion throwing up some jumpers in practice.

Hold it.

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