Will You Accept This Bachelorette Contract?

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On Monday, March 2, we will know who our leading lady for season 11 of The Bachelorette will be!!!! Rumors are flying around Bachelor Nation about who it may be, and the ladies in the running have me excited….for the most part!

The Contract Will Not Be Going To….

I can tell you who it won’t be….Hannah Brown. Alabama Hannah signed on to do a tour with Dancing With the Stars, so we will not be getting another season of #RollTide. I must admit, this makes me sad. I really want Hannah to find love.

Who Is In The Running?

Clare Crowley(Juan Pablo), Tia Booth (Arie), Tayshia Adams (Colton), and Kelsey Weier (Peter) have all been rumored to be in the running. I personally would love to see Tia get the role. I think she would have been our Bachelorette if Arie did not change his mind and dump Becca for Lauren.

Tia got robbed of her own season when her Bachelor dumped his pick.

I would also love a season of Clare; she takes no shit and has zero chill! She would be entertaining to watch for an entire season. Bachelor Nation has been waiting for Clare to find her mister right since 2013. She did get engaged to Benoit on Winter Games but the engagement didn’t last long. Despite being on every spin-off show the series offers, she has yet to find someone.

Clare Crowley has my vote!

Why Are These Girls Even Being Mentioned?

I’m low key pissed Tayshia is even being thrown into the rumor mill! She belongs with JPJ! If she is the next Bachelorette, she will make a phenomenal lead! She has handled herself with so much grace through all of her heartbreaks.

There is no way champagne girl will be the Bachelorette….I mean yeah, Kelsey came a long way since that infamous moment, but I need to see her on Bachelor In Paradise so I can watch champagne explode in her face every week during the intros.

No-one will remember Kelsey as a Bachelorette, this was her claim to fame!

We find out Monday on GMA who will be giving out the roses and starting their quest to find their husband. Who do you want to watch on their journey to find love? Let me know!

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