William Shatner Is A Man, He’s 90 Years Old & Just Went To Space

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William Shatner just went to space.

Not sure how I missed this, but William Shatner just launched thousands of miles per hour in a weenie rocket on his way to space. Captain fucking Kirk.

The New Shepard spacecraft launches
October 13th, 2021

One of the most incredible fucking things you can witness on an American morning. Fucking guy is 90 years old and fulfilling his dream of lifting off. Captain Kirk is now the oldest soul to ever reach space.

William Shatner lands from outer space.
I just watched the stream.

Ya gotta think William shit and/or pissed himself up there in the depths of darkness. No 90 year old man can go that high up and not shit all over themselves in my opinion. He prolly smells like a ole shitty hot dog bun right now, but fuck it.

Can’t Take It With Ya

This was Civilian Flight #2 successfully led by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his full blown fucking space company, Blue Origin. We don’t know how much Willy paid to be apart of this outrageous experience, but ya gotta think at 90 years old it’s worth it. Ya don’t take the money with ya and he LIVES!

Shatner played Captain Kirk on Star Trek during the 1960s.

He’s officially an astronaut.

The other courageous folks who are now astronauts:

  • Chris Boshuizen
    • First Australian citizen to go to space and back.
  • Glen de Vries
  • Audrey Powers

I just think it’s fucking fantastic.

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