Winners & Losers From The 2021 Met Gala

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Winners, Losers from the 2021 Met Gala

Welcome to the 2021 Met Gala! One of the most fashionably senseless events that humans could ever assemble happens in New York each year on Fifth Avenue. It’s an annual celebration of fashion held by the Museum of Art’s Costume Institute raising millions of fucking dollars each year.

Theme this year: American Independence

this is me right now

In attendance? Some of ya favorite trendy celebs who pour their expensive souls into showing ass with the most bizarre and “fashionable” outfit you’ll ever see. This is the biggest of all leagues. If ya ever get an invite to the Met Gala just know that you will need to dress as completely fucking outta pocket as possible.

this is me right now.

Guest List

They don’t release the actual guest list till the evening before the event and it’s usually only like 400-600 folks that get the invite. Everybody had to be vaccinated to attend.

DQ’d imo
just wear one outfit dude.

Without further elaboration, let’s point out some winners and losers from this event in Manhattan.

Winners (2021 Met Gala)

  • Jennifer Lopez
    • I think maybe there is a chance the J-Lo is peaking. Showing no fucking mercy since dropping Gay Rod earlier this year.
    • Wearing Ralph Lauren keeping it traditional.
  • Evan Mock
    • No fucking clue who this dude is, but supposedly use to skate board, then got into Gossip Girls and is now a model.
    • Regardless, this is a pretty fucked up look and I appreciate it.
    • Wearing Thom Browne.
  • Zoey Deutch
    • Never heard of Zoey, but thankfully I’ll never have to say that again after this 2021 Met Gala appearance.
    • Wearing Versace, but who gives a fuck? She could be wearing wranglers.
  • Maluma
    • This man out here right now with some flaming hot cheeto type vibes on the carpet.
    • Reminds me of a character in GTA story mode, Maluma.
    • Fella def had the party powder on deck.
    • “yeah just go holla at Maluma”
    • Wearing Versace w/ Maria Tash Jewelry.
  • Chance The Rapper
    • Traditional w/ The Ralph Lauren.
    • Didn’t get outta hand, but still looks creative.
    • Can easily save his manhood after the event.


  • Maria Sharapova
    • Just for being there.
    • Also, for being Maria Sharapova.
    • Wearing Gabriela Hearst.
  • Chloe x Halle
    • Coming with all the smoke.
    • Wearing it doesn’t matter at this point.
  • Russell Westbrook
    • He didn’t wear this to the Gala

But, he do prolly have Cam Newton pulling hairs trying to top that as the weirdest fucking fashion flex in sports history.

For the Gala,

Wearing Ralph Lauren

Can’t say he loses in this fashion statement. He wins for getting the invite over Lebron and AD as well.

  • PJ Tucker
    • How the fuck did PJ Tucker get an invite?
    • If PJ Tucker can get an invite then we all have a fucking chance.
    • Regardless, for being so mediocre on the scale of Met Gala invitees…he gets the nod of approval.
    • Wearing GUCCI!
He needs to go every single year.
  • Dan Levy
    • It doesn’t get any better than what Dan Levy provided folks with visually at the 2021 Met Gala.
    • Wanna talk about sealing the fucking deal? Dan did that from top to bottom.
    • He did what had to be done, stole the show.
    • Wearing custom Loewe.
  • Grimes
    • Looking like a Mortal Kombat unlockable.
    • Wearing Iris Van Herpen.
  • Kid Cudi
    • Bruh, this dude is getting weirder by the day.
    • But, he still got his own lane and his own way of having folks give a fuck about him. Cudi is coming through with a strange Green haired look, but the $1.6 million dollar space chain is what got him the credibility at the Gala.
    • Wearing Louis Vuitton.

LOSERS (2021 Met Gala)

Gawd, there was a ton of em. I can only throw so many in here, but there was indeed more losers than winners coming from the common folk eye.

  • Kim Kardashian
    • It just sucked.
    • No creativity and it is what it looks like, a black fucking stocking suit that Kanye already low key wore in Atlanta. (except it was a different color)
    • Wearing Balenciaga, lol ok.
What’s more senseless than a Kim K explanation?
  • Megan Rapinoe
    • No further comments necessary.
    • Wearing Sergio Hudson loser suit.
    • She still wants everybody to know she is gay kinda like I want everybody to know my name is Devin. Ya either understand or ya don’t and she doesn’t think we understand she is gay so she made another gay slogan trinket to bring with her.
Megan Rapinoe (whom is gay)
She would like ya to know
  • Lee Pace
    • This one is interesting.
    • Lee looks like he just took a massive morning shit and walked out the house in whatever was hanging up in the kitchen.
    • He resembles a Scott Stapp just without the history of hardcore drug usage. I’m sure the ladies love em.
    • Wearing Thom Browne.


  • Finneas?
    • Homie looks like a 50% complete 2021 red power ranger.
    • Who the fuck is Finneas?
    • Why do I feel like Clay Aiken is under that mask?
    • Wearing Givenchy.
  • Pete Davidson
    • Just lackluster, Pete.
    • Looks like ya there cause ya wanna be, but didn’t care enough to really make an impact. Davidson could’ve stole the show with something like Dan Levy wore. Instead, he decided to look more Dan Levy in real life than Dan Levy himself.
    • Wearing Thom Browne.
  • Sharon Stone
    • Huge Stone fan, but not at this Gala.
    • Just not a fan of the all black and she’s giving me low key Palpatine vibes.
    • Wearing Thom Browne.

She Made It In…

  • Addison Rae
    • Idk man, we reaching on Addison right now.
    • First the locker room at the Jake Paul fight and now at the 2021 Met Gala. It’s just forced at this point.
    • She is fucking beautiful, but thought the outfit was a bit underwhelming.
    • Wearing Gucci, but some say she was wearing Shein.
    • This poor girl just needs to stop saying yes.

Couldn’t Decide

The following I just couldn’t decide…

  • A$AP Rocky (wearing ERL)
    • Rihanna wore all black.
man look like he got up to turn the AC down.
  • Lil Uzi Vert (wearing Thom Browne)
    • I do NOT see the diamond in head.
    • Still must be lost and that hurts his appearance.
Lil Uzi from the Adams Family
  • Erykah Badu (wearing Thom Browne)
  • Winnie Harlow (wearing Iris Van Herpen)
  • J Balvin(wearing Moschino)
  • Jordan Roth (yeah idk)
Son is this Loki?

This was fun, thanks for joining.


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