Woo Wednesday!

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Ric Flair Woo Wednesday

It’s Woo Wednesday My Dudes

This blog is dedicated to all fellow holders who are stylers, profilers, and most importantly limousine riders. Woo! Wrestling has always had a place in my heart, especially throwback wrestling. Before Steve Austin was stomping mudholes in those sorry SOBS or The Rock who was going to layeth the smacketh down, there was Flair dropping elbows on suits and putting you in the figure-four leglock. Woo Wednesday is a celebration of not only the Nature Boy but all of old school wrestling as a whole.

The OG Million Dollar Man

Courtesy of Woo Wednesday

Try and tell me this isn’t a man who believes every word he says

The greatness of Flair is proportionate to his hair. Peak Flair in the 80’s had a mane that every wrestler on the scene tried to emulate. He was the forerunner of wearing a Rolex watch and boy lemme tell you HE HAD A HARD TIME HOLDING HIS ALLIGATORS DOWN. Flair is the embodiment of a great stick man, hell he may have even set the standard for what it means to be a great stick man today.

Classic Feuds

What do you know about hard times daddy!?‘- Dusty Rhodes

As the defacto leader of The Four Horseman, Flair has no shortage of great feuds. From Dusty Rhodes to Ricky Steamboat, Sting, Lex Luger, and even Jay Lethal, everything he touches turns to gold. Flair will tell you his signature figure four made him lose more than he actually won and that’s precisely the beauty of Flair. My man is pure entertainment and is the embodiment of what we call sports entertainment today.

Flair even made Impact Wrestling watchable.

Ric Flair Drip

  • 16 time World Champion
  • Career from 72-2008
  • The ultimate cosign in wrestling today
  • More swag in his big toe than you have in your entire wardrobe
  • More rap lyrics than you can count
  • Has more cars than you have friends

If I didn’t touch on your favorite Ric Flair topic then in the words of Shawn Michaels “I’m sorry and I love you.” Keep your eyes out for more styling and profiling coming your way when I highlight the days when Eric Bischoff was the king of wrestling and WCW ruled your television.

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