Wrestling With Nostalgia: Sting

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Ahhh it’s that time again for your weekly wrestling fix. Wrestling With Nostalgia:Sting edition is here for you. Time go back to the 90’s when things were COVID free, and life was good. You were either a WCW guy or a WWF guy. Sting was the MVP of the WCW for most. As The NWO’s mortal enemy and greatest foe, there was no shortage of excitement when Sting was on your TV. I’m not even going to bring up his dismal WWE run. That match against Triple H is an abomination. So strap in and get ready to relive your youth via 1990s WCW and the bad boy himself, Sting.

The Faces of Sting

Surfer Sting

Monday Night Wars Crow Sting is remembered the most. However, not enough credit is given to this early persona. He was the poster boy for steaks and weights. Built like a ton of bricks with loads of energy and that dope blonde haircut with the rat-tail to match. Not a lot to this character besides a lot of yelling and flexing when he was on the mic but, the ladies at him up. His best feud is with the Vader in ’93. However, my favorite is against the mysterious Black Scorpion. The wrestling itself is garbage, but the entertainment and acting is about as 90s as it gets and I love it. Take a look at it below.

The Black Scorpion is Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget

The Crow

The story goes that Scott Hall recommended Sting to paint his face up like Eric Draven in the movie The Crow because he thought that would look cool. The rest is history. This new look completely invigorated Sting as a character and brought new life to fans as well as new eyeballs curious to watch. It was a masterclass in storytelling, each Nitro Sting would be lurking atop the rafters just waiting to drop at any moment. He was like Batman for WCW, cause trouble and he’s coming down with a bat to beat your head in and then Scorpion Death Drop you. You have to love it and it’s undoubtedly his best work in a time when WCW was the king of the wrestling world. Just watch him take apart the NWO here and listen to the brilliant commentary from Tony Schiavone

Main Event Mafia/Joker

Overlooked and underappreciated Sting’s time in Impact! was peppered with some decent moments. In my opinion, his run in Impact! doesn’t get enough love. It’s easy to hate on Impact! but this was a good time. The Main Event Mafia was akin to the Four Horseman in the talent that they had. It was a stable loaded with studs and made Impact a primetime player. This time around, Sting shed the makeup and put on a suit. I can’t say I welcomed the change but it was something that grew on you as you see the evolution of Sting. As for Joker Sting, the gimmick was short lived only remembered by his feud with Eric Bischoff. His time in Impact! wasn’t the greatest but in terms of stick work it shouldn’t be slept on.

Sting has has a storied career and has achieved a mythical status unlike any in the wrestling universe. We are not worthy of his presence. A guy that never followed the norm and always did what was best for him. You gotta respect a gangster like that. For more wrestling shenanigans follow me on Twitter @Stevieboy_504 for more wrestling talk. Head on over to the Mayo Jar and grab some merch before it runs out. Holders keep on holdin’.

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