Wrestling With Nostalgia

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Wrestler of the Week

Here at HTM Sports we love our wrasslin. Especially anything that has that old school appeal. It’s just better, and that’s where Wrestling with Nostalgia steps in. This is a 10 article series highlighting wrestlers that made my childhood and yours great. After a prolonged absence of wrestling articles I’m now back better than ever for the weekly HTMSports blog. The chosen one of this week is Rob Van Dam ladies and gentleman. The whole F’n Show. Over this last week or so our man in charge Devin Snow has recently become best pals with RVD and this has prompted a quick trip down memory lane for to remember the 5 star frog splash king.

RVD Holds Mayo

Wrestler of the week RVD knows the brand is strong
Snow looks to blow down with RVD.
Will skip out on rent to do so…

The Tale of the Tape

Coming in at 6 foot 1 inch, 254 pounds ,the man from Battle Creek, Michigan was the poster boy for ECW. Not as outwardly edgy as the Sandman or Sabu. Less intense that Taz, RVD was a straight up laid back killer in the ring. For this young JNCO jean enthusiast, ECW was my jam and RVD was the dude I chose. Aptly named the Whole F’N show my life changed from Austin 3:16 to RVD 4:20 in a flash once I saw him 5 star frog splash Sabu onto a chair. Pound for pound RVD is the best wrestler to ever grace the ring in ECW don’t @ me. His matches against Jerry Lynn were legendary and if you haven’t seen them, I suggest watching immediately. You’ll learn a hold or two fella.

Notable Feuds

  • RVD vs Sabu. If you don’t know get educated. Real life best friends outside the ring and willing to kill each other inside the ring
  • RVD vs Jerry Lynn. Another ECW classic. These two could wrestle a broom and get a 5 star match out of it. When the two work together it’s nothing but pure magic. Jerry Lynn now works with AEW but during both their stints in IMPACT! had matches with one another well into their 40s. Talk about workhorses
  • RVD vs Eddie Guerrero. Once again two workers who could get a 5 star match out of anyone.
  • RVD vs Triple H. Trips is known to politic his way into the top spot. RVD worked his way into this spot only to outshine Trips.
  • RVD vs John Cena. ECW: One Night Stand 2006 in the iconic Hammerstein Ballroom in Philadelphia, RVD and Cena face-off in a match still talked about to this day.

RVD Doesn’t Care

Van Dam has always been the type of guy to pull no punches and doesn’t buy into the bro locker room culture that is wrestling. One of the many reasons we like him so much, dude is just different. We celebrate that here at HTM. The guy is one of a kind. His theme song literally says that. From his moveset, to his devil may care attitude, to his advocacy of cannabis use, RVD is truly the people’s champion. Just watch this clip below for further proof of Van Dam’s ultimate chillness in this shoot interview.

The Whole F’n Show

  • WWE Champion
  • ECW World Heavyweight Champion
  • 4 time WWE Hardcore Champion
  • 6 time WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • WWE European Champion
  • 3 time WWE Tag Team Champion
  • 2006 Money In The Bank Winner

This is just a small list of achievements Van Dam secured while he was in the WWE. This is the accolades of a guy that was HELD BACK. Talk about greatness. Give it a month or so and HTM’s own Devin Snow will be outback smoking nugs with RVD and we will have an interview with the man himself. Make sure to follow @HTMSports on all platforms. For more Wrestling with Nostalgia content make sure to click here and follow me on Twitter for more stupid tweets like this one below. Hold the Mayo before RVD comes and delivers you a Van Daminator please.

Wrestling With Nostalgia
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