XFL Fantasy Rankings: Quarterbacks

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XFL Quarterbacks

XFL Fantasy football begins in February. Wondering who to draft for the upcoming XFL season? Look no further. Time to break down my top quarterbacks from each of the eight teams. The following quarterbacks were assigned to teams before the draft. Not sure how or why these specific guys were chosen, but here we have it. Let’s get started with my number one pick at quarterback.

Landry Jones – Dallas Renegades

Is anyone surprised by this one? Landry Jones was a four year starter under Bob Stoops, and threw for over 16,000 yards and 123 Touchdowns. Bring that offense to the XFL and you’ve got one hell of a fantasy quarterback. Landry is also the most experienced quarterback in the XFL. These are the reasons I have him as my top fantasy option this year. Hold that please.

Cardale Jones – DC Defenders

Here’s another Jones to put at the top of your queue. He didn’t have the flashy Stats in college like Landry. However, he did lead his team to a National Championship title as a 3rd string quarterback. I have him as my number two, because he is surrounded by a very fast and talented receiving core. Therefore, he should put up some great numbers. Lets hope he still has this cannon.

Matt McGloin – New York Guardians

This guy has been an underdog his entire career. Big fan of the dogs. He was a walk on at Penn State and ended up being a three year starter. Matt even set the record for single season passing yards his senior season. Of course, the dog went undrafted and was a back up for five seasons in the NFL. His experience and ability to read a defense puts him at three in my book. He also gets credit for the time he showed up to Monday Night RAW with the million dollar belt…

Brandon Silvers – Seattle Dragons

After winning the starting job in the AAF, he went on to have a short-lived season with impressive stats. If only he had more than five games to show off his talent. On the other hand, he should be a real nice fit in Jim Zorn’s West Coast Style offense. The Dragons are happy to have him and I am sure he will be throwing the ball a ton. Get ready to watch him ball out in XFL Fantasy Leagues.

Aaron Murray – Tampa Bay Vipers

Arguably the greatest quarterback in Georgia football history. He holds so many UGA records it is hard to go through the list. Back in his home town of Tampa, I am sure he will put on a show for the fans. Vipers head coach Marc Trestman runs a pass heavy offense. Therefore, expect Murray to launch it. Lets not forget that the guy can also take a lick.

Luis Perez – LA Wildcats

Professional bowler turned quarterback. That’s what we got here. Rumor has it, he learned how to play football from watching YouTube. That isn’t exactly the normal YouTube subscriber’s mission. Thanks to that he earned himself a spot in Division Two playing for Texas A&M Commerce. This led to him being one of the top performers in the AAF. He is back home and ready to ball out.

Jordan Ta’amu – St Louis BattleHawks

Jordan is the youngest of all these quarterbacks. His lack of experience lands him at the seven spot. This dual threat quarterback should put up some nice numbers. The BattleHawks took Christine Michael in the first round of the draft. Because of this, Jordan’s pass attempts could be limited due to the run game. However, the kid has wheels and can move in the pocket…

Philip Walker – Houston Roughnecks

The ONLY reason the Temple great is the last quarterback on my list is because we don’t know what will happen in Houston. The Roughnecks took Connor Cook with the number two overall pick in the Draft. Therefore, we are unsure who the starter will be on opening day. They might even have some Drew/Taysom shit going down in Houston. At this point it’s like drafting a Patriots running back. Who’s gonna get the ball? However, if a starter is named you can go ahead and move him up to number three. With June Jones’ Run and Shoot offense you can expect a lot of points from these guys. One thing is certain, PJ is not afraid to put his body on the line…


When thinking about your XFL fantasy team consider drafting the quarterbacks high. It’s looking to be a pass heavy league. Therefore, they will be your highest scorers. Stay tuned for the position that makes these guys look good. In the meantime, have a Happy New Year. This is Domi departing, hold it.

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