Fantasy Week Three XFL Hit & Quit: Receivers

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XFL Wide Receivers

We decided to throw a little update on these fantasy receiver rankings for the third week of football. I know it took us a while, but also who really gives a fuck? It’s the XFL, live a little. Guys like Eli Rogers, Sammie Coates, and Rashad Ross were all on our boards to start the season as expected. However, we have seen a few spring chickens arise. Some of these guys we originally talked about may be fucking bums in reality after two shorts weeks of XFL football. The ones who have prevailed deserve all of the glory. Take a look at our Week Three Hit & Quits.

Eli Rogers – DC Defenders

Like I said before, Cardale Jones has arguably the best receiving core in the XFL. Eli leads that group and will be his go to guy. This man could catch a cold in the desert. During his time with the Steelers, he found the endzone a handful of times. Can’t forget his first NFL career touchdown either… (Jan 6, 2020)

Move on to now, Eli Rogers has caught 11 balls in two weeks with 122 yards to show for it. Zero touchdowns for the former Steeler this season. He is getting the targets though, and thats all that matters right now after two weeks of play. Keep hitting…

Sammie Coates – Houston Roughnecks

Sammie’s combination of size and speed makes him a big play threat. That and the combination of June Jones’ passing offense makes him a top target. Expect Coates to put up numbers and have a shitload of yards per catch. If you don’t believe me, then maybe you’ll believe this asshole at ESPN.. (Jan 6, 2020)

Sammie Coates still fucking sucks… STAY FAR FAR AWAY FOR NOW. I’ve seen him catch two balls, maybe three. Quit this man now.

Rashad Ross – LA Wildcats

Known for his speed, he calls himself “Rocket Ross.” Humble name…Rashad lit it up in the AAF, and led the league in touchdown receptions. Therefore, we expect him to pick up right where he left off. He has experience returning kicks, which could be another avenue for fantasy points.. (Jan 6, 2020)

Rashad Ross is THAT MAN! Just not in LA, he ended up in DC with the best team in the XFL as of now. Rashad Ross has caught six balls, but totaled 147 yards with one touchdown. This guy is fucking explosive, DC has a ton of big plays ahead of them with Cardale behind center. This kid goes deep. You may want to trade for him to take a shot. Keep pounding that Rashad Ross pig skin.

Mekale McKay – New York Guardians

Here is another guy who had a great season in the AAF. Mckay led the league in red zone targets, which makes him a potential fantasy vulture. Expect “Big Play McKay” to be a must draft in fantasy leagues. (Jan 6, 2020)

Yeah well, this guy has been ok. Only one significant problem ahead of him for the long term. Matt fucking McGloin is his quarterback. Mekale has tallied up a whopping six catches. He’s gotten 88 yards on those catches and zero touchdowns. Don’t run to start this fucking guy, but then again it could’ve just been one bad game for the ole QB. Keep hitting!

Jeff Badet – Dallas Renegades

He was the first round pick for Dallas in the XFL Draft. His 4.3 speed and agility makes him a deep target for Landry Jones. He wasn’t lucky enough to play under Stoops. However, I can assure you he played a part in his decision to transfer to OU. A 1st round pick will get his time on the field.

Jeff Badet has done ALRIGHT…. He has 9 receptions on 13 targets, and ZERO TOUCHDOWNS for the Dallas Renegades. Look, he is getting targets. Don’t let go of the ole Badet just yet. He has the potential to put up some solid fantasy numbers on a team with a good coach. Just keep hitting…

Terrance Williams – St. Louis BattleHawks

One of Dak Prescott’s favorite targets during his time with the Dallas Cowgirls. He was also there long enough to be one of Tony Romo’s favorite targets. His foot injury kept him on the sideline for all of the 2018 season. He’s healthy and ready to ball in the XFL. He is one of the most experienced receivers in the league. Expect him to be a top target in this air raid offense. (Jan 6, 2020)

About that, this cat didn’t even stand a statistical chance. Terrance was waived on January 20th, 2020. Sucks to suck. Quit this fool for life.

Nelson Spruce – LA Wildcats

One of the most targeted receivers in the AAF. This kid could catch a buttered biscuit with rubber gloves. Needless to say, he’s got hands. During his time on Hard Knocks with the LA Rams he quickly became a fan favorite. SPRUUUUUUUCE! (Jan 6, 2020)

Wow! Here we fucking are boys and girls! Nelson Spruce, and you better put some respect on that name bud. Nelson has compiled 17 receptions with 192 yards of grass. Two touchdowns for the ole sprucinator! Take this son of a bitch to dinner, a movie, baskin robbins, and hit it for eternity. If the XFL fails in 100 ways, it will win in one way with Nelson Spruce.

Seantavius Jones – Tampa Bay Vipers

Drafted in the first round by the Tampa Bay Vipers. He spent some time with the Who Dat Nation in 2015. However, didn’t get to see the field much with three games played. He actually has more tackles than catches throughout his NFL Career. Those Stats don’t keep him out my top 10. He was a top target in the AAF and did incredible shit… (Jan 6, 2020)

Recently WAIVED by Tampa Bay. See ya later bud.

Kasen Williams – Seattle Dragons

His leaping and catching ability makes him the perfect redzone target. Look for him on 3rd down plays. Any guy who makes a catch like this on Xavier Rhodes is going to get respect put on his name. (Jan 6, 2020)

This guy doesn’t fucking play. Keenan Williams is the only Williams they talking about in Seattle at the WR position. He will be out for week three as well, so don’t even think about it.

Kahlil Lewis – Houston Roughnecks

Lewis was the first receiver selected by the Roughnecks. All that said, I expect June Jones plans to use him in a lot of different schemes. Here we have another offense that will launch the rock consistently. Lewis was a bad man in Cincy, and we expect him to make some noise in this offense. (Jan 6, 2020)

I see you Kahlil! Look, not the most impressive numbers in the world. But, there is promise here. Seattle needs something to shake quick to please all 20,000 of those franchise hungry fans. Kahlil has done his part with nine receptions and 95 yards. Zero touchdowns, but keep hitting and don’t look back.

Demarcus Ayers – New York Guardians

Coming out of high school Ayers was an explosive running back. However, it didn’t take long for the former running back to become one of the best slot receiver/return specialist in the country. He is a pain in the ass for cornerbacks, creating doubt with his head and shoulder fakes. Expect to see him used in schemes that favor bubble screens and jet sweeps. He is a little undersized, but height don’t mean shit when you have hands like this..

THIS DUDE IS GONE PECAN! SEE YA LATER. So gone, that he is taking twitter shots at McGloin from the couch.

Reece Horn – Tampa Bay Vipers

Reece Horn became one of the best slot receivers in the AAF. He recorded two 100 yard games in just seven weeks of play. He turned enough heads to get signed by the Titans immediately after the season. However, he didn’t make the final roster for the team. Expect big things in the XFL from him. (Jan 6, 2020)

Blow ya horn, Reece is potentially dangerous here guys. Horn has 93 yards on eight receptions. Tampa Bay is desperately trying to get this right. No way you don’t keep hitting Reece. Play this man in whichever way you can arrange.

L’Damian Washington – St. Louis BattleHawks

One of the tallest receivers on this list. Washington is a speed merchant with raw catching ability. He will be a perfect compliment to his quarterback. Ta’amu will look for him in red zone and third down situations. You don’t want to leave him off your fantasy team. (Jan 6,2020)

Ahh, L’Damian Washington! Never felt so good typing that fucking name. L’Damian has racked up 11 targets, 97 yards, and a touchdown for the battle tested Battlehawks. Keep hitting until the cows come home.

Jalen Saunders – Houston Roughnecks

Here’s another guy out of the run n’ shoot offense down in Houston. Saunders is a quicker than fast, balanced slot receiver. He will be a great addition to Sammie and Kahlil. Expect him to get some open looks. He has experience returning punts, and will be utilized in the special teams for the roughnecks. The former New Orleans Saint could provide some bonus points for the ole fantasy squad. (Jan 6, 2020)

Jalen is hurt. But, he will be back on a Roughnecks team that will be looking to air the fucking rock out. PJ Walker is a certified XFL STUD. Look for Jalen to be back early in March.

Tommylee Lewis – Dallas Renegades

He was the second receiver taken by the Renegade. Best known for his time with the Saints. (Another Saint) He’s no Deonte Harris, but this kid can ball. I was a big fan of his the last two seasons. Stoops is going to use him in a number of ways. His experience in the NFL will give him an edge over the other receivers in Dallas. (Jan 6, 2020)

No it won’t. Tommy is back in Sean Payton’s graces. Signed a reserve deal for 2020…no XFL fantasy for Tommylee.

Keep checking back for more CONSISTENT updates on our fantasy rankings.


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