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Finally, some consistent football in Houston. The Roughnecks are throwing up 31 points a game in a league where 20 points is a full blown miracle. PJ Walker wasn’t completely mutant like last week, but still threw up 351 passing yards. He leads the league in passing yards with 1,338. This Texas team is scrappy on defense, leading the league in takeaways as well with 12. Relentless on the QB, the Roughnecks also top the charts with 15 sacks. June Jones is strictly business right now in Houston. There is nothing showing us otherwise.


DC scored a whopping 15 fucking points in Week 5. However, they did somehow secure a win against a thriving Battlehawks football club. I think we are seeing a team in shambles on offense. They average 16.4 points a game, after scoring 31 & 27 the first two weeks of the season. Last three weeks they have scored 15, 0, and 9. Defensively they have some promise, but Cardale Jones fucking sucks. There is no getting past that. Bet all dollars this week on the Renegades beating the Defenders. It will be the first loss at home for DC.


The Battlehawks took a tough L this past weekend to the dragging Defenders. The Hawks are still the most balanced team in the XFL, other than Houston. Jordan Ta’amu is doing exactly what he needed to do as the QB of this team. He is 3rd in the league in passing yards, and has thrown ZERO interceptions in the last three weeks. Balance is the key word with this team. Matt Jones has 314 yards rushing on the season, which is good enough for 2nd in the league. Easily, these Battlehawks have the best special teams in the league as well. Marquette King leads in punting average, Keith Mumphery is 3rd in return yards, and Taylor Russolino is 2nd in the league with made field goals. I’m still on this bandwagon. They play the 1-4 Tampa Bay Vipers next. 


Here come the fucking Guardians of New York. If ever a time in the history of earth, now is when New York needs a winning football team. They got it with the Guardians as of now, New York thriving with a two game win streak. The boys from NYC only give up 17 points a game, good enough for 2nd in the league behind St. Louis. The Guardians will let you play football, but they just aren’t interested in letting you pass the goal line as of late. But, then again not many teams are interested in running past the goal line right now. Cavon Walker leads the XFL in sacks right now, smacking the QB a total of 4 1/2 total times. On offense, I wouldn’t trust em as far as I could throw em. However, it is nice to see Darius Victor with 238 rushing yards this season. That is good enough for 5th in the XFL. It will not be easy for them to pull off this three game win streak as the Houston Roughnecks are coming to town. The Guardians are 2-0 at home this season. Could it be? If New York beats Houston, we will never hear the end of it from NYC XFL fans. Will Eli Manning step in for another run at a championship?


The Dallas Renegades are in hot ass water right now. This looks like the Dallas Cowboys formula to the common football eye. Win a couple games in a row, then look like straight ass for most of the way after. Dallas has loss to St. Louis, Houston, and New York this season. Three of the top four teams in the power rankings, and really the top three considering DC is a bunch of fucking flakes. They give up 20 points a game on average, and are just about at the bottom in every category defensively. Guys, they got six takeaways on the season, along with six total sacks. Offense is the best shot you got with these Renegades. They put up a solid 327 yards of total offense a game. Landry Jones has been alright…He is 5th in the league with 784 passing yards. He throws most his darts to Donald Parham. Cameron Artis-Payne is the real stud out there for the Renegades, as he has ran for 241 yards on the season. That is 4th best in the XFL for the former Carolina Panther. Great news for the Renegades, they will certainly pick up their 3rd win this week in DC.

6. LA WILDCATS (2-3)

I really like this Wildcat team low key. Josh Johnson looks like a QB who has picked up some solid skills during his time in the NFL. He looks better than Cardale Jones, Matt McGloin, and Landry Jones. Johnson has 1076 passing yards on the season. The kid has 11 touchdowns, and has only thrown two interceptions. Both in the last two weeks trying to win ball games. LA is 2nd in the league in points, and passing yards a game. They look like the 4th best team in the league. Huge fucking opportunity for Josh Johnson and the Wildcats this week against the dismantled Seattle Dragons in that “loud” stadium.


Way to blow a 17 point lead Tampa Bay. This is all really unfortunate when you think about it. Tampa now has to watch two offenses that put up a ton of yards, lose football games. Tampa really does show up most games. These dudes were seven points away from beating the Roughnecks a few weeks ago. They fucking blanked the DC Pretenders, 25-0. The Viper running game has been rather consistent. Tampa is home to the XFL’s leading rusher in DeVeon Smith, he has 365 yards on the season. Jacques Patrick completes the top three Tampa sandwich at 3rd with 254 yards on the ground. Dan Williams and Jalen Tolliver have been fantastic at receiver as well, both in top five this year. It all boils down to Taylor Cornelius taking care of the football. On defense, this team just can’t find a way to get turnovers. They have six total turnovers, and have only sacked the quarterback five times all year. The Vipers don’t give up a bunch of yards, but fail in every other defensive department. They will host the Battlehawks this week looking to right their wrongs. 


These fucking guys had the audacity to look like they could have maybe beat the Roughnecks last week. Jim Zorn is driving this bus straight to hell right now. The stadium still kicks ass right? Seattle’s new favorite almost pro team have loss their last three games. Nobody on this team is worthy of mentioning when it comes to performance. Oh, and they will most likely get smoked by the Wildcats this weekend.