Ya Gonna Have To Stop On Bourbon For These Beans Fella

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RB&R Day 31: Bourbon Beans

Ya gotta make the sinful daytime walk on Bourbon for these beans. Did I wanna be trotting on Bourbon at 3:00 on a Monday? Not my first choice. However, I felt a nice pot of beans vibe coming from Nola Poboys right away. Took my happy ass to Bourbon.

Nola Poboys
908 Bourbon Street


The phone call to place the order was an experience in itself. Nicest and most enjoyable owners on my journey thus far. Personally, had never been to the spot before and it was nothing short of a pleasant surprise. Let’s run it. I’m drippin’ tradition.

Them little ole honest folks got some seasoning in them beans, I’m telling ya.

I mean…

  • Family recipe
  • Exceptional flavor
  • Not breaking ya leg on price
  • Ready in minutes. Don’t need to call.
  • Gave me a free sample of seafood bisque, WOW.

I cleaned the bowl. We can call that an RB&R fatality. 31 locations through the journey and this was one of the most iconic. Yes, ya gotta go to Bourbon to grab em, but it was a clean ass run to tradition. Took me bout nine whole mins from Lakeview.

RB&R Rankings

31 Consecutive Mondays

Not ready to create the highly touted list just yet. Can’t get enough of this shit.

However, I’ll give ya the top ten incase a few hungry folks gotta know. This is based off my taste buds and vibes. Couple things go into it for me. It better have me shook.

Cooter Brown’s
Very similar vibe to Nola Poboys. Different substance, similar seasoning.
  1. Liuzza’s By The Track
  2. Cooter Brown’s Tavern (tenacious)
  3. Willie Mae’s Scotch House
  4. Hobnobber’s Variety Bar
  5. Juniors On Harrison
  6. Melba’s
  7. Frady’s One Stop
  8. Broad & Banks Street Seafood
  9. Nola Poboys
  10. Lakeview Brew

Behind The Beans

Ain’t always an easy tradition.

Don’t forget ya can’t practice proper tradition without a solid roof over ya head. I know the best roofers in the world, pal.

All Around Roofing

All Around Roofing is the call to make and they headed over with a stellar solution. In no time ya will be practicing tradition with security and no concerns.


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