You Won’t Believe This Black Market Pot Hustle By Julio Jones & Roddy White

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Julio Jones And Roddy White Had Quite The Side Hustle

Just wanted to make sure that the common folks didn’t miss the headline about the Roddy White and Julio Jones pot hustle. I’ll be the first to tell ya that pot is pot, smoke it if ya got it. But, um….

Roddy White & Julio Jones Pot Hustle

Money, Honey

Ya know profit is profit baby and good gawd have mercy heavens alive do we got a dirty bird profit scheme on our hands this evening. It has been absolutely and realistically reported that Julio and Roddy (2011-2015 dirty bird teammates) are being sued along with two others by Genetixs.

This Genetixs is a cannabis business which umbrella’s another cannabis company that Roddy White owns. (SLW) The folks at Genetixs are claiming that two players started an illegal operation out of their facilities.

Julio, Roddy, and two other fellas (John & Shaun Van Beek) are being straight up sued, accused, whatever ya wanna call it for the following type activities:

  • failing to report the sales.
  • selling around $3 MILLION per month of cannabis products!
    • didn’t report!
  • disabling cameras in the facilities.
  • millions in damages.
  • claimed to have caused “staggering, substantial, and irreparable harm and damage” to the company.


That’s a plug.

Keep in mind that Julio Jones is still catching balls.

Julio Jones The Pot Pro

Pretty sure he practiced today with some Waffle House cleats on like nothing even happened. Hey, fuck it. If they get away with selling $3MILL of cannabis a month while making millions playing pro football, good for them. Guess it doesn’t get any better than that, huh?

Julio done ran off on the plug

MANNN, this is most certainly some bizarre dirty bird shit right here. It may be the most interesting thing to come outta Atlanta in a good while. Anyways, wanna throw some interesting wraps on ya new company vehicle? Advertise with some impact. Check out my boys on the northshore at DWC Signs & Graphics. Some clean ass work, no dirty bird fraud shit.

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